Designsmycken från Efva Attling

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"I put strong expressions on my pieces because I want to boost people with my jewelry and that's when they become conversation pieces. You can say that some of the statement pieces are reflections of life. I am intrigued by all our differences and I believe what ties us all together is humour, music and love. I call my designs Beauty with a thought."

- Efva Attling

  • Kvinna Man Unisex
  • Guld Silver Silver/guld Silver/läder Vitt guld
  • diamanter & ädelstenar diamanter Utan stenar ädelstenar

Scented Candle Mini - Kaboom
Leather Cardholder
Reach The Star & Stars Earrings
Reach The Star & Stars Necklace
Respekt Pendant
USD 150
USD 55
Take No Shit - Man
Take No Shit - Man
Take No Shit - Woman
Take No Shit - Woman
Don't Judge - Man
Thin Silver Brace - Don't Judge
Don't Judge Cuff
Don't Judge Ring
Don't Judge Necklace
Don't Judge Earrings
Nature's Unique Ring
Nature's Unique Pendant
Nature's Unique Earrings
Little Take No Shit Ring
Take No Shit Ring
Reach The Star Earrings
Reach The Star Necklace
Navette Necklace
Little Navette Ring
Navette Double Ring
Navette Pendant
USD 400
Navette Ring
USD 400
Navette Earrings
With Love Ear
USD 140
With Love Necklace
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